Brennish Thomson has been playing fiddle since the cradle, plucking it from his father's lullaby-bowing hands. Growing up in a family with generations of musicians led Brennish to ask for his own fiddle at age two.  At age seven, he began fiddling Irish tunes on stage with his father, and mastered the complex rhythms of Canadian wooden spoons, which he played at dances. Since then, he has performed hundreds of gigs at dances, social events, and Celtic pub sessions, often in ensembles with seasoned band members many times his age.

His homeschool program allowed him to travel often throughout the US and Canada, learning music from many world-class players. It also provided the settings and experiences leading to his professional work in photography and video, which often focuses on musical themes. 

Besides playing the violin, Brennish’s continuing interest in rhythm has created a demand for his skills as an accompanying guitarist who also plays banjo, mandolin, jaw harp, and sings. His music awards include first place in a New Hampshire regional fiddle contest, a Twin Fiddle Award from Lowell National Park in Massachusetts, and first place as guitarist in the band competition at the 25th Annual Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop, West Virginia.

His performance and music teaching experience includes venues such as Phillips Exeter Academy, Fenway Park, Chaoyang Pop Festival,  Shanghai Tibetan Social Center, Wellesley College, Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, Beijing International Airport, New York Pinewoods, TradMad Music Camp, Acadia School of Traditional Music and Arts, the University of New Hampshire, and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

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